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Nike T-shirts and outfits with prints


Original Nike® T-shirts with print

Original Nike® T-shirts with print

We offer Nike® sportswear, including T-shirts, shorts, leggings, sweatshirts and sports equipment.

Nike T-shirts for companies

Nike T-shirts for companies

We offer personalized Nike® sportswear with prints for companies.



We offer complete sports uniforms with personalization, e.g. number and surname/name or nickname.

We offer the opportunity to adapt the outfit to your personal preferences. Add a number, surname, name or your own nickname or initials to create unique personalized sportswear.

T-shirts and complete uniforms for teams and clubs

T-shirts and complete uniforms for teams and clubs

We invite all sports teams and clubs to cooperate. We offer professionally made Nike uniforms with durable prints.

Examples of Nike Uniforms with prints:


Do you want to order Nike T-shirts or uniforms with your own print?

Please contact us!



Offer of printed Nike ® T-shirts

Diversity and originality are the key elements of our offer! Our assortment includes extraordinary sportswear from the renowned Nike® brand, including not only T-shirts, but also shorts, leggings, sweatshirts and sports equipment. We proudly present original printed T-shirts, which are a perfect solution for both individual customers and companies, teams and sports clubs.


For companies looking for unique and professional sports clothing, we offer the possibility of personalizing Nike ® T-shirts. Our personalized sports uniforms are not only an expression of individuality, but also a great way to strengthen team spirit in the company. We offer comprehensive personalization, allowing you to add numbers, surnames, first names or nicknames, adapting the clothing to the unique needs of each customer.


We also cooperate with sports teams and clubs, providing them with professionally made Nike ® uniforms with durable prints. Our T-shirts and sets meet the highest quality standards, which makes them an ideal choice for sports-active groups. We make sure that the prints are not only aesthetic, but also durable and resistant to intensive use.

We invite you to discover the richness of our offer and join the group of satisfied customers who value high quality and unique sportswear. For us, each cooperation is unique, which is why we approach each order with passion, providing comprehensive service and personalization solutions tailored to expectations.


How to order printed T-shirts?

The ordering process for our printed Nike ® sports shirts is simple and convenient. Just contact us by sending your logo. Our team of specialists will immediately start preparing an individual quote tailored to your needs. After accepting the cost estimate, we move on to the creative stage, presenting a visualization of the project. Everything is done in accordance with your guidelines and expectations.


After obtaining full approval of the project, we proceed to printing. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will receive Nike ® sports T-shirts with precisely made prints that will meet your expectations. With us, the entire ordering process becomes easy, and you can enjoy unique, personalized sports T-shirts.

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