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Sports gadgets

We offer various sports gadgets , e.g. water bottles and bottles with print, sports towels with print, backpacks and bags with print and caps with print. We offer many more other sports gadgets. We will match your needs with the right sports gadget with your logo printed on it. This will make your company even more recognizable. Printed sports gadgets work well as company gifts for employees. They also affect the recognition of your brand as a portable medium for your advertising, and at the same time please the recipients. They are a hit corporate gift with little financial outlay. Did you like our gadget? Do you have an idea for another company gadget? Write to us and we will try to meet your needs.

Our sports gadgets are distinguished by high quality and durable print.

XXL bottles and skins with print
Bottles and water bottles

XXL bottles and skins with print

The ideal solution are XXL bottles and super-sized waterskins with imprint. They are recommended for all active people. XXL bottles and sports waterskins with print are made of high-quality material and are characterized by extreme lightness. They are adapted to logotype marking, thanks to which the XXL bottle and waterskin look much more interesting.

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Printed sports towels

Printed sports towels

Sports towels are essential for any type of physical activity. It is an excellent and irreplaceable sports gadget with print, especially useful at the gym or during company runs . In addition to the fact that it contains your company logo, it has many other advantages. It is quick-drying, large and compact when folded.

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Printed backpacks and sports bags
Backpacks and bags

Printed backpacks and sports bags

Printed backpacks and sports bags are a very effective gadget. They are perfect for any physical activity. Backpacks and sports bags with a logo are light, small and capacious, thanks to which they take up almost no space.


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Printed sports bottles and water bottles
Water bottles and bottles

Printed sports bottles and water bottles

Be eco! Bearing in mind care for the environment, we especially recommend sports bottles and water bottles with an imprint. We also offer bottles made of glass or recycled plastic. They are a unique carrier of your advertising.

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Printed caps

Printed caps

Printed beanies are an interesting sports gadget. Such hats can be winter or thin, polyester, dedicated mainly to autumn and spring. It is a nice and pleasant gadget with your company logo printed on it, which is perfect as a company gift.

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Sports gadgets with print

Our wide offer includes not only unique sportswear, but also various gadgets that will add a sporty spirit to your company or event. We offer a variety of sports gadgets, such as water bottles and bottles with individual prints, sports towels with a unique logo, backpacks and bags with personalization, as well as stylish hats with prints . However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because our offer includes many more other attractive sports gadgets that will be perfect as promotional elements for your brand. Thanks to the possibility of personalizing each gadget, we can easily adapt it to your individual needs and requirements.

Regardless of whether you want to strengthen your team of employees or organize a sports event, our printed gadgets are a perfect way to highlight the visual identification of your company. The use of a logo on sports gadgets not only increases brand recognition, but also serves as a portable advertising medium, reaching a wide audience. Sports gadgets with prints are also perfect corporate gifts for employees or business partners. This not only acts as an expression of gratitude, but also strengthens corporate relationships. By choosing our gadgets, you get attractive and functional gifts that will surely please every recipient. We are distinguished not only by the diversity of our offer, but also by the high quality and durability of prints.

Our sports gadgets are not only practical, but also aesthetic, which makes them an excellent form of long-term advertising for your company. If you have found an interesting gadget in our offer or have an idea for another one, write to us! We are flexible and ready to adapt to your needs so that you receive the perfect gadget that will meet the expectations of your company.

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